Protecting Your Debit and Credit Card Information

Fraud Prevention Tips

Identity theft, check fraud and business fraud are not crimes that happen to other people or businesses--they affect us all. There are endless opportunities for a criminal to obtain the necessary information to commit identify theft and check fraud. Therefore, it's important to take a proactive role in protecting yourself and your business from financial crimes.

One financial crime that is on the rise is "skimming". Skimming is the duplication of your card information being reprogrammed to another card to make illegitimate purchases at restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, online etc. [Credit-Card---Lady-at-Gas-Pump-web-400x232] Skimming occurs when thieves place a skimming device to steal your card information on unattended card readers you use, such as ATMs or fuel pumps. Skimming also occurs when retailers are hacked due to weak security processes. At Metro Alliance Commercial & Investment Bank, we take fraud very seriously. We offer great solutions to help detect and prevent fraud.

Here are some services we offer and tips to help you protect your information and assets from criminals.