Card Alerts

For Metro Alliance Visa Credit And Debit Cards

Metro Alliance Mobile Card Fraud Alerts

Mobile Card Fraud Alerts1 is a two-way text communication generated by our internal Fraud Detection System based on what the bank may deem as a suspicious transaction. The Mobile Card Fraud Alert allows you to respond to the alert, which communicates with our Fraud Detection System. Responding to the alert saves you the time from having to contact the Customer Service Center for legitimate activity. This free1 service will assist us in preventing fraudulent transactions on your cards.

How it Works

Metro Alliance Purchase Alerts

With free Visa Purchase Alerts you receive near real-time notifications on select signature-based purchases made with your Metro Alliance Visa credit or debit card activity so you can act quickly to help reduce fraud and monitor your account, wherever you are. You can choose to receive Purchase Alerts through text messages to your mobile device or by email. Purchase Alerts are a one-way text communication that sends you notifications based on criteria that you select.

How Purchase Alerts Help You

Available Purchase Alert Notification Criteria