About Metro Alliance

From our Chief Executive Officer

Whether it was timing, your work and due diligence or structuring, your successes were born from an idea.

At Metro Alliance Investment Bank, we are also driven by ideas. Through technical knowledge and understanding to execution, we turn investment ideas into reality. But we not only work to understand market trends, but you as well. We believe in a relationship that actively engages you. Managing market conditions, portfolio expectations & risks – we at Metro Alliance Investment Bank strive to prosper with you.

This is possible by nurturing a team of astute and technically sound account managers & financial advisors. A team grounded with a high sense of responsibility dedicated on earning your trust.

Our approach is simple. You.


In 2005, Metro Alliance was founded as a business initiative to create a financial institution in the north of the country.For the year 2014, we came to position ourselves as a reliable financial institution in the country. Thanks to the growth, prestige and success achieved, in 2010, the decision was made to convert to Metro Alliance,

In that same year, branches were also opened to expand coverage and services to our customers. Metro Alliance , throughout its years of management, has always been directed towards fulfilling its goals with precepts and values ​​of the highest moral standard, such as

The case of maintaining the best practices of financial prudence, as well as continually seeking the excellence in the service and administration of the resources, with technical and modern guidelines that the new Banking requires. All this thanks to the active participation of each of our collaborators who work day by day so that the Institution continues to strengthen and providing the best services with the highest quality towards our clients.

To be your trusted investment advisor, with a suite of high-quality products and services that deliver exceptional value for you, our shareholders and employees, while adhering to a strong set of corporate principles.

We take pride in our work and organization, act with integrity at all times, comply with AMC policies and standards, honour the confidentiality of clients and employees, and promote the positive image of the organization through all our actions.

We are client focused, constantly expanding our knowledge and communicating our understanding of regional markets and business activities, driven to anticipate client needs, improve the quality and efficiency of the products and services we deliver, and strive to deploy the organization’s resources effectively.

Aligned with our long-term strategy, we aim to realize the potential of our team, foster and encourage an environment of high performers, and recognize, reward and promote individuals based on merit and delivery of strategic results.

We exemplify a sense of unity and teamwork throughout the organization, respect other team members, and promote communication and cooperation between departments in the overall interest of AMC.